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The motor cycle of Camille and Patrick

Patrick avec Olivier Ullmann, le Champion de France 96 en Promosport 600
The ECOMOBILE 5037 on the Circuit of Merignac (Bordeaux)

Noise in passage

A " bomb " monotrack for a comfort with 120%

Ecomobile, conveys monotrace par excellence, it is of Hyperréalisme accessible to two witnesses on the bitumen which binds all the cities and the collars of Lisbon to Vladivostok without the misdeeds of side accelerations.

Inventeur Arnold WagnerArnold
Drafting Eco
Aileron électroniqueAileron

Why seek another thing, and roll then without safety

The research of the pleasure, it is one of our hobbies principal.
The absolute pleasure of exploration, it is to roll hyper-confortablement to two on the roads of France and Navarre to seek the castles quickly (with knights!) while trying never not to too much defy Pandores to avoid overloading the budget of the voyages with our excesses in permanent relative flight, but in absolute safety!

Passengers of the 5037

Patrick Mégard, the usual pilot (diploma Jan Anderle no.25), data processing specialist and engineer in aerotechnics.
Camille Duvernay, usual passenger and pilot (diploma Jan Anderle no.115), occupational therapist A.F.H.

And there, it is almost finished

Good day and greetings left hand out of V with all the motorcyclists " without roof "